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adult clay classes

Students of all levels are welcome at adult clay classes. The beginning student completes a series of projects designed to impart a basic hand building skill set. All students are encouraged to complete these projects using good craftsmanship and then to explore personal work using good craftsmanship. Once a student ha s enough skill to work independently, the Friday open studio is a time for further work and exploration.


MONDAYS 10:00-1:00pm
4 classes monthly
start dates: 1st monday of each month
$180 plus clay (no makeups)

WEDNESDAYS 12:30-2:30pm
4 classes monthly
start dates: 1st wednesday of each month
$150 plus clay (no makeups)




Shape Pile Up
form hollow parts one day using molds, put together into sculptures in 2nd session
June 2 – 10am-12pm
June 3 – 3pm-5pm
$150 all materials provided
Hands and Feet
June 23 – 10am-12pm
June 24 – 10am-12pm
$100 all materials provided
Double Decker Vase
hand build vase with 2 similar forms
July 7 – 10am-12pm
July 8 – 10am-12pm
$150 all materials provided
Botanical AssemBlage
seed pods. flowers, leaves, fruit assembled into sculpture
July 21 – 10am-12pm
July 22 – 10am-12pm
$150 all materials provided

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